Community Outreach

Community Outreach Health Program

Community outreach programs are important vehicles to bring the medical facilities to the doorstep of the remote population. As a developing country we lack specialists particularly in rural areas. There programs help in increasing access to health specialists in these areas. Outreach strategies can provide specialists visit to address the needs of the underserved population. Through outreach programs there will be an increase in access to new technologies for diagnosis and treatment will also enhance the quality of care. Time and traveling costs often constitute a major obstacle in order to access a healthcare facility. These indirect costs are so high as to be catastrophic for the financial stability of a household. As a part of community outreach health program Neelima Hospitals (Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences) has been reaching the surrounding rural population by conducting health camps. There have been seven camps as of now In Annojiguda, Sanskruthi Township, Pocharam, Narapally, Chowdaryguda, NFC Nagar and Edulabad covering around 2500 population. Ten to Twelve different specialists and super-specialists have participated in each camp and issued the necessary medicines free of cost.

Discount Cards

To address the affordability issue of the rural population, we are issuing a ‘Discount Card’ at the camp through which they can avail all the hospital services at a very low cost. This concession card guarantees the access to a tertiary care hospital anytime at their affordability.

Edulabad Camp

NFC Nagar Camp

Chowdariguda Camp

Narapally Camp

Anna Nagar, Pocharam Camp

Annojiguda Camp

Sanskruthi Township

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