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Gender Equality Cell

At Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences , we are committed to promoting gender equality, preventing gender-based discrimination, and fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all. Our Gender Equality Cell plays a pivotal role in ensuring gender justice and empowerment within our institution.


The Gender Equality Cell is established with the following objectives:

Preventing Gender Discrimination

We strive to create an environment that is free from any form of gender-based discrimination, harassment, or bias.

Promoting Gender Equality

We work towards achieving gender equality in all aspects of academic, administrative, and social life within the college.

Addressing Gender-Related Concerns

We provide a platform for students, faculty, and staff to raise concerns related to gender discrimination, harassment, and gender-based stereotypes.

Key Initiatives and Measures

Our Gender Equality Cell implements various initiatives and measures to ensure gender equality and address gender-related concerns. Some of these initiatives include:

Awareness Programs

We organize workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns on gender-related issues, aiming to sensitize the college community about gender equality, gender stereotypes, and the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Policy Development

We actively contribute to the development and implementation of gender-sensitive policies and guidelines within the college. These policies ensure equal opportunities, nondiscrimination, and gender-inclusive practices.

Complaint Redressal

We provide a dedicated platform for reporting and addressing gender-related grievances and complaints. The Gender Equality Cell ensures the confidentiality, promptness, and impartiality of the complaint redressal process.

Counseling and Support

We offer counseling services and support to individuals who have experienced gender discrimination or harassment. Our team provides guidance, resources, and referrals to ensure the well-being and empowerment of those affected.

Capacity Building

We conduct training programs and workshops to enhance the knowledge and skills of the college community regarding gender equality, gender sensitivity, and the importance of respecting diversity.

Creating a Safe Space

The Gender Equality Cell actively works towards creating a safe space where individuals can express their concerns and experiences freely. We strive to nurture a college culture that fosters mutual respect, empathy, and equality among students, faculty, and staff.

Contact Information

To report gender-related concerns or seek assistance, please reach out to the Gender Equality Cell:

VSL Srinivas Rao


At Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences , we are dedicated to building a campus that upholds gender equality, respect, and inclusivity. Our Gender Equality Cell serves as a vital resource for promoting gender justice and ensuring a supportive environment for all members of the college community.

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