Statutory Information

Affiliation & Accreditation

At Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences, we are proud to be affiliated with esteemed organizations and regulatory bodies, ensuring the highest standards of education, healthcare, and research. Our affiliations contribute to our commitment to excellence and quality in all aspects of our institution.

Affiliated Organizations & Regulatory Bodies

National Medical Council (NMC)

Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences is permitted and approved by the National Medical Council, the apex regulatory body for medical education and practice in India. This recognition reflects our adherence to NMC guidelines and standards.

Affiliated University

We are affiliated with a renowned university that oversees our academic programs, curriculum development, and examinations. This affiliation ensures that our courses meet the university's requirements and align with the standards set by regulatory authorities.

Hospital Affiliations

Our institution has established affiliations with reputed Neelima Medical Hospital. These collaborations provide our students with clinical training opportunities, exposure to a diverse patient population, and access to advanced healthcare facilities.






Research Collaborations

We actively collaborate with national and international research institutions, fostering partnerships that enhance our research capabilities and facilitate knowledge exchange. These collaborations contribute to the advancement of medical science and innovation.

Professional Associations

Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences maintains memberships and affiliations with professional associations related to various medical specialties. These associations provide a platform for networking, professional development, and staying updated with the latest advancements in respective fields.

Regulatory Compliance

We strictly adhere to the regulations and guidelines set by relevant authorities, including the Medical Council of India, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and other governing bodies. Compliance with these regulations ensures the quality and integrity of our educational programs and healthcare services.


Recognition and Credibility

Our affiliations with esteemed organizations and regulatory bodies validate the credibility of our institution and the quality of education and healthcare services we provide.

Standardization and Quality Assurance

Affiliation ensures that our academic programs, curriculum, and clinical training meet the prescribed standards set by regulatory bodies. It ensures that our students receive a comprehensive and standardized education.

Collaborative Opportunities

Our affiliations provide opportunities for collaborations, research partnerships, and knowledge sharing with renowned institutions. These collaborations enhance the learning experience for our students and contribute to advancements in medical science.

Access to Resources and Expertise

Affiliations grant us access to resources, databases, research publications, and expert guidance, enriching the educational and research experience for our students and faculty

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